Sherri Hemminghaus Children's Fund

Sherri Hemminghaus

The Friends of the Saenger wants to make Saenger events accessible to young people who otherwise might not have the resources to purchase a ticket and go to the theater.

To that end, Friends of the Saenger created the Sherri Hemminghaus Children's Fund.  Founded in 2008 by local businessman R. Clark Thompson, the fund honors Sherri Hemminghaus-Weeks in recognition of her 25 years of dedication to the Saenger. This fund is specifically created to provide underprivileged children, such as those from low-income families or foster care systems, with an opportunity to experience the theatre.

In short, the fund provides local kids' groups with free tickets to selected cultural events at the Saenger.  Since the fund's creation, it has succeeded in bringing local children to Broadway shows, symphony concerts, and ballet performances. We have partnered with several wonderful community organizations such as Communities in Schools, Families First Network, and Arts Quest.

Sherri Hemminghaus Children's Fund Sherri Hemminghaus Children's Fund Sherri Hemminghaus Children's Fund

We need your help to purchase the tickets and share the Saenger experience. Your donation, small or large, is greatly appreciated and will help enrich the lives of some very deserving children.

For more information, contact fund director Jonathan E. Thompson at (850)723-3284 or